The first laser scanning systems were developed in the USA in the mid-1990s in response to an industrial requirement. The modelling of as-built information is particularly complex for industrial plant. The system was therefore developed for computer applications covering libraries of typical objects together with their attributes (external and internal diameters, insulation, materials; and including relevant national or international standards (such as DIN, BS, NF or ISO, etc.)).
The raw measurement data is an X, Y, Z point cloud from which we can carry out a clash analysis between the existing situation and a new design, or generate 3D models in common CAD formats.


For projects involving :

  • renovation and the elimination of bottlenecks,
  • updating of as-built plans,
  • limited timescales and opportunities for access,
  • implementation of safety and environmental standards,

the method offers the following advantages :

  • non-contact measurements taken in complete safety, easy integration with 3D models of the existing situation ;
  • as-built 3D models can be integrated with the engineers’ new design ;
  • investigation and measurement of deformations ;
    outputs in 3D or 2D ;
  • greatly reduced timescales ;
  • clash analysis between existing situation and the new design ;
  • designs for new works on offshore installations.

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