The technologies of laser scanning and photogrammetry enable the measurement of buildings, monuments and other objects with a very high density of information. 3D point clouds result directly from measurements using a laser scanner. Accuracy and consistency are guaranteed. You will obtain a reliable basis for all your projects.
From these point clouds we can generate a 3D model of the object or extract key information in the form of 2D plots of façades, plan views, elevations and horizontal or vertical cross sections.
Our advanced technology also enables us to create orthophotos or textured 3D models based on the laser scanner survey and on high quality digital images. We have developed our own software for this type of application: ImgSurveyor forms a bridge between laser scanning and photogrammetry.
To go further in building or site management, we can also provide a three-dimensional building information model (BIM). This adds intelligence to the raw 3D model from the laser scanner.
3D vector datasets are delivered in standard CAD formats.


In cases such as the following :

  • architectural surveys of buildings or of complex historic monuments ;
  • where a 3D model is necessary as the basis for a project ;
  • where a virtual-reality-style visualisation is a major advantage ;
  • the renovation of any kind of property where a good understanding of the existing situation is essential

our methods deliver these major benefits :

  • high level of detail ;
  • 3D visualisation ;
  • greatly reduced timescale ;
  • plots of façades and elevations ;
  • archiving of historic monuments ;
  • textured façade models ;
  • 3D presentations (film, 3D rendered images …) ;
  • creation of virtual visits.

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