Clash analysis

By comparing a point cloud of the existing installation with your new design, we can determine the likely clashes in advance and thus reduce the eventual cost of your works.

The installation of a new structure in an existing plant does not inevitably require the existing situation to be modelled; the high density surveys which we perform on site can generate clouds of points in the coordinate system of the design itself. In superimposing the new design we employ software tools which will identify all possible interferences.

The time saved by this process is large because the modelling stage is completely eliminated. Thanks to its high density, the point cloud is sufficient to describe the “as-built” or existing situation perfectly.

The clashes (or interferences) between the existing structure and the new design are directly viewed in 3D (in the AutoCAD, MicroStation or Cyclone environment) so that nothing is left to chance. You will thus avoid the need for reconfiguration at installation time !