On September 23rd, 2019, TPLM-3D has celebrated its 15 years: 15 years of innovation!


The workshops

70 persons attended this moment of shared conviviality, were we have presented 4 “workshops”:

  • Immerge oneself in the city of Geneva in 1850, with the project [lien vers le site de geneve 1850: http://making-of.geneve1850.ch/3D/EN/]: Virtual Reality tour
  • Act in a collaborative project review on a chemical plant: simulating equipement integration, ergonomics at work, what-if analysis of planned work…
  • Take control on a UAV and of an inspection robot for limited-access jobs
  • Discover the tools we are using on our daily survey work and for producing our deliverables


Our cores businesses: leading-edge 3 technologies, Research and Development were in good company with a magician, a buffet diner, a singer and of course a birthday cake !