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Une prestation personnalisée


Gain reliability and accuracy by entrusting the survey stage to 3D measurement professionals:

  • Our three-dimensional measurements conform to established standards and scrupulously observe quality management processes ;
  • Laser scanning technology enables us to measure to a level of detail of 3 mm at a range of more than 30 m.

Reduce your project design times (with faster survey and production of deliverables for the “existing” situation):

  • We can measure 1000 m3 of dense industrial plant, 2000 m2 of building façade or 2km of tunnel in one day.

Plan and prepare for the construction stage in terms of costs, resources and equipment

  • The project is built on the basis of complete knowledge of the existing situation ;
  • The site is faithfully represented in the project design tools.

Dramatically reduce the costs of revisiting the site during construction (to practically zero):

  • Our methods ensure that every potential clash between the new design and the existing situation is detected and dealt with at the design stage.

Increase your return on investment over the design and construction stages:

  • The financial outcome is markedly superior when a project is constructed with total understanding of the existing situation.

Gain in both time and effectiveness, from the preliminary design stage to final completion:

  • Shorter preliminaries : reduced times for survey and for production of deliverables ;
  • Planning of construction work in full knowledge of all relevant facts ;
  • No revisions nor modifications required during the works : the documents already supplied provide all necessary content with sufficient accuracy.

Benefit from effective communication tools:

  • 3D rendering, immersive walkthroughs and animations supplied from our 3D surveys will plunge your clients – existing and prospective – into the heart of your project.