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3D Model

A virtual reconstruction of the geometry of the object, the 3D model is the preferred medium on which to base your plans.

Studies for extension or modification of an industrial plant are very often based on original drawings which have not integrated subsequent modifications. However such studies depend critically on reliable surveys of high quality which show the existing “as-built” situation. Without this, the resulting delays, recomputations and resizing can lead to loss of time and large cost overruns (in some cases up to 10% of the total cost of a project).

When the existing situation is modelled, such risks are eliminated from the outset of the project. Such models may be purely geometrical (from a dimensional survey) or may include attributes such as nominal diameters (DN) of pipework, classifications of valves, joints and other equipment, identification of fluids, etc.

Using this procedure, the designers and engineers can integrate the existing, as-built situation into the design from the outset.

We can perform this modelling at our own offices or the client’s, as the project proceeds. And regardless of your choice, we will scrupulously follow your technical specification !

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3D Model

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