Planarity measurement and deformation analysis

Exhaustive and accurate monitoring … our processes enable flatness to be checked or deformations to be quantified.

 During renovation and restoration projects, it is often important to be able to quantify the deformations of the structure concerned. Occurring over time, these deformations may be due to the ground conditions or to unequally distributed loading of the structure. They may be spread over the whole monument or concentrated in well defined zones. In either case they may be easy to detect (cracks or subsidence), but their distribution can be very difficult to quantify or to visualise.

By carrying out a high density survey of the building by laser scanning or photogrammetry, the surfaces of each façade with all of its ornamentation become known in terms of 3D coordinates. The richness and precision of the measurements can be exploited to compute images or sections to portray these defects in conjunction with the survey as a whole.

A façade plane can be likened to a plan in which one can map the deformations by colour coding the distance between the theoretical plane and the actual surface. This kind of mapping can be applied to any type of building surface: towers (cylinders), domes (hemispheres or cones), ornamentation (complex shapes), etc.

In addition to the colour contours, the high density of data allows sets of closely spaced horizontal or vertical sections to be generated, which when compared with the original or designed surface give a very clear picture of the deformations.

These deformation analyses are also relevant in engineering structures (flatness of slabs) and in industry (storage tanks).


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Planarity measurement and deformation analysis

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