Visualisation and virtual reality

A virtual reconstruction of the object in the form of a textured model, our 3D visualisation is your essential communication tool.  

At TPLM-3D we have been carrying out an extensive programme of R&D ever since our foundation in 2004. Our objective has been to improve the creation of 3D models of buildings and monuments. Our studies of numerous software packages and different methods now enable us to offer virtual-reality-style 3D textured models on short timescales and at very competitive prices.

Buildings are surveyed by laser scanner to produce a high density of points and are photographed using a special procedure. The techniques of laser scanning and photogrammetry are linked using our own ImgSurveyor software. The 3D geometric modelling is achieved using a method perfected in-house and already approved, photogrammetric calculations are carried out using ImgSurveyor and the models are textured using Autodesk’s 3ds Max software.

The virtual reality which we create marries centimetre accuracy with the graphic quality of the texturing throughout the model. The textures are derived from the photogrammetric images which precisely reflect reality.

If we have access to the architect’s designs (plans or 3D models) we can simulate their integration into the existing situation (the as-built survey), thus providing an invaluable aid to decision-making about the eventual project to be constructed.

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Visualisation and virtual reality

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