Cross sections and elevations

Cross sections and elevations enable the viewer to access the detail of the measured object and to understand the complexities of the whole site. 

Original construction drawings, which will usually be available to the designers of a new project, tend not to reflect reality, especially if the plant is old and has already undergone modifications.

The updating of drawings of machinery and production lines appears to be a nightmarish process when one thinks in terms of traditional technologies : measurement point by point, complex geometry, access which is difficult or only possible during shutdowns, etc. etc. Laser scanning overcomes all of this by offering non-contact measurement without even the need to fix targets. Thanks to these techniques, millions of points are captured automatically in a few minutes.

Suitable software then facilitates the identification of lines and volumes of interest among the clouds of points (edges, cylinders, polygons, etc.). The required drawings are then plotted, using standard CAD software such as AutoCAD.

  • Site plans
  • Cross sections
  • Elevations
  • Isometric drawings

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Cross sections and elevations

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