Building Information Models / Modelling (BIM)

3D building information models / modelling (BIM) enable the geometry of the components of a factory, the important attributes of each object and the relationships between them to be combined within the same workspace.

Often described as the “health record card” of an industrial plant, the BIM contains the history of all maintenance operations and modifications carried out on the site. Its life cycle can be followed from its conception and design through its construction to its delivery to the client, and on through its lifetime until its demolition.

The BIM offers an overall view of the plant and equipment for all of the technical disciplines concerned with the project; it is thus invaluable for the maintenance and modification of all the different types of plant involved.

But this is not all, because this document is also a decision-making tool, especially for the maintenance or modification of parts of the site which are already crowded with equipment or difficult of access. The BIM makes it possible to know exactly where new equipment can be integrated with the existing plant. An essential document !

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Building Information Models / Modelling (BIM)

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