Depth SA

Depth SA is developing a range of engineering services aimed at both public and private sector clients. Their portfolio of services and solutions is organised around the implementation of information systems. Historically this expertise was developed in the field of geographical data, usually referred to as geographical information systems (GIS). Today, the activities of DEPTH SA have been extended to include :
• the production of tools capable of automating the processing of large volumes of data 
• the management of software and hardware in information infrastructures 
• production of interfaceable customised software 
• production of customisable dashboards as an aid to the operation of management information systems 
• multimedia solutions (computer graphics, animations of 3D computer-generated images)


DynaOpt specialises in instrumentation for civil engineering (bridges, tunnels, dams, historic monuments, etc.), geotechnical engineering and the monitoring of natural hazards (rockfalls, landslips, floods etc.). The company’s engineers are experienced in all aspects of surveying and metrology and apply their expertise in many different industries and environments.
Established in 1999 in order to develop a synergy between the sensor industry and the non-contact measurement and dimensional control professions, DYNAOPT designs, manufactures and markets measuring instruments and data recording systems as well as specialised data processing software.


GeoTop SA operates in Belgium and Luxembourg, offering land surveying, photogrammetry and GIS services.


Christian Haller’s survey company, founded in 1987, provides official cadastral surveying services in the Republic and Canton of Geneva. Originally mainly involved in cadastral survey, the firm has progressively enlarged its field of activity to include topographic mapping, specialised survey services and other aspects of geomatics.


Hyp-Arc SA specialises in dimensional monitoring and the management of georeferenced information systems, measurement, analysis and technical consultancy and support. The company operates in France and internationally.


SODERA EXPERTISE : One Mission : Capture and process your data.
Using the drone as the primary tool allows SODERA EXPERTISE to offer both acquisition and data retrieval delivery. The use of vector-sensor array (VSA) technology sets their expertise on the alliance of data capturing and data processing. Specifics performances are defined by the management of all steps of the project cycle, from the acquisition flight to data transfer, analyse, treatment, for a final render delivered in any useful format.


Spatial-SA is a company led by Thierry Sangouard (who is also an associate of Christian Haller, above). The firm was founded on activities related to the professions of cadastral surveying and information technology. Spatial SA’s experience is that of passionate land survey engineers involved in analysis and programming for projects in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe.
Often selected by clients as the project manager for customised geographical information solutions, the company’s main activities include :
• detailed analysis of survey-related problems,
• development of solutions suited to the circumstances of the client ,
• checking the accuracy and reliability of information already available or to be acquired,
• development of tools,
• GIS implementation, training and maintenance.